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Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Blog, by Adam Smith

This article first appeared at Adam Smith’s blog.

Barn OwlBlogs are a great way to get important information out there quickly. But when everyone else has a blog, how do you make sure people are reading yours? If you are ready to be more intentional with your blog, then there are some questions below to think about as you are evaluating your blog and are deciding how to take it to the next level this year…


1. How is my blog different from all the others out there?

First of all, what is your focus? How many other blogs are doing the same thing? If your blog topic isn’t covered by others, then it will be easier to be noticed for your niche. If that topic is talked about on other blogs, then how are you making sure your content is the best that it can be? Do you have a “tribe” bought into the community that you have helped create? Are relationships being formed between you and your readers?

2. Is it easy for my readers to navigate my site?

How is your blog’s design? Is it time for an update? Try to see things as your readers would. Is your blog visually pleasing to your readers? Are things easy for them to find?

3. Am I getting the point across that I need to convey through my posts?

Do your fresh blog posts communicate a clear message? Is it helpful and useful to your readers? Can your readers walk away from your blog and use your blog’s information in life?

4. How am I marketing my blog?

The best way to market your blog is great content, but how are you getting the word out? Are you taking advantage of great SEO? Do you have a facebook, google plus and twitter page? Are you choosing great blog titles that will pull people in? Are you making personal relationships with other bloggers? Are you learning from the bloggers that you would consider to be great in their fields? Are you posting on social networks throughout the day to get people on your blog?

I know this a lot to ask yourself, but when you ask yourself these questions, you become more intentional with how you blog. You don’t want to go aimlessly into blogging, because when you do that you don’t know the results you will get.


When you are more intentional with your blog, you will get better results. [Tweet this]


You can start today by answering these questions.

So, what are you working on right now for your blog? You can leave your comment here.

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