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Root Cause?

It is possible to burrow through the multiple, disparate, Crises that afflict the world today, – incl. Covid, Climate Change (and consequent Ecocide) , and the threat of possible Nuclear annihilation – to arrive at the core of what might be envisaged as a compelling ‘root cause’.
I mean that term in a very broad sense, well beyond causal factors, to also include factors that support , augment, and exacerbate the Crises: directly or indirectly, by acts of either commission or omission.
I place it below, in verse form.
It constitutes a small part of my study of EuroModernism – the European Model of Modernism that has dominated the world for well over Two Centuries – and derives from my explorations therein.
It would seem to follow, I might add, that none of the Crises we face can be at all ameliorated until that ‘root cause’ is first firmly extirpated from our modes of thought and practices ; a daunting task, since the powers that be lean so heavily on it to achieve their unseemly ends (despite protestations, to the contrary).
It may appear to be trite, trivial , and truistic , on the face of it: but it is as real as the Crises it has provoked.
It also marks the Great European Innovationwhere Europe separated itself from the mains currents of human history – that now threatens to destroy all life on this planet.



The Provenance


Private Gain,

OR Common Good?


Answer, was always



Till Europe, in

Everlasting Bane


saw the Common Good,

in Private Gain
[© R.Kanth 2020]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

[© R.Kanth 2020]

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