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Shape Shifting Santa

by Dr. Susan Patrice/Kasuku Magic  

A theory cleverly uncommon
Portrays Santa as a Shaman

A revitalizing view, and also uplifting
Was his practice of spiritual gifting

Heaven and earth his chosen domains
Traveling by sleigh tethered by reins

Guiding flying reindeer
One, not eight did first appear

Climbing and Soaring in a star filled sky
Gracefully that team would fly

Gently onto the roof top they would glide
Santa then stepping inside

Pulling from his bag messages spirits wished to share
Letting humans know they did care

Offering hope and cheer
For a more prosperous celebration the following year

With encouragement to enjoy each moment of this day
Honoring spirit memories on display

The past, present, and future in a magical suspension
Imbued with a visit from a timeless dimension

Happy Holidays to everyone

written by Dr. Susan Patrice/Kasuku Magic
who recently died of cancer.

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