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Stu Krieger on GoodReads about his recently published debut novel

With the release of That One Cigarette this week, award-winning author and screenwriter Stu Krieger is touring his book in the U.S.

He says that we all “have to take responsibility for the content we release into the cosmos” and more specifically, that authors “have the opportunity to use our innate kindness and humanity and vulnerability to apply our verbal brushstrokes to pages that can paint us a better world.”



Read more of what Stu Krieger has to say on GoodReads.


The success of his book launch along side his recent Lifetime Achievement award are truly deserved. It’s a pleasure to see this book get noticed in the world, and the team at Publishizer couldn’t be more happy for Stu.

Oh, and I’ve been told there are some pretty hot sex scenes in there, too.

You can now buy his book on Amazon

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