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Tears, by Rajani Kanth


Whence do  tears form,
Sired in  expectorating ,
crystal grief
wrought of  withered spirit
slivered on  rack of  wretched rue
gushing up the  glassy eye
In  lush monsoon of liquid woe ?

So erupts ever eddying  ether
in spluttering geysers
of quintessential life :

when bare, bleak,  breathless ,
the parched soul  escapes
its  fallen, flailing , hosting corpus
of  fading , eviscered , vitals
in  shuddered , tremulous rigors
of searing, swift-martyring ,
sudden , cessations of  living spirit

churning waters of a
wasting heart bubble,
bleed,  well up , wash  wounds
of  slow dying, sacramental ,
seraphic, desire –

as  heart itself,  incendiary, inflamed,
implodes, apace, in spasms of
fast, furious,   fulminating fire:

To  heaving,  smitten,  human grief
is  thence  given warmth,
fluent,  fluid,  relief –
in respite real,
in  reprieve  brief:

but for  free-frothing
turbid  releases
would  ruddy tissue ,
borne of bare  breath,
break , burst,  splinter
in irredeemable,
incarnadine pieces
never to beat,  bleed,
or blanche again –

A tearing heart,
not the  addled brain,
makes  mortified mammals
of us: fey  phantoms
of a shadow race –
out of time, out of place

risen raw from
remote reptilian root
succored of slime –
ignobly astir
in ravaged bounty –
in passion mute,
of blind, boorish ,
vacuous,  desultory
Evolution –

in ever so  barren feud –
aborting  all ,
in treachery of
teaseful, tergiversing time,
in decay, death,  and
stark , stark,

physic to tormented soul
tears tell torrid the  toll :
of  indurate  treason,
torture, trauma –
whence the heart is
never whole –

of insensible, insensate,
remorseless  mis-Creation –
that lets us feel all,
but never  know –
feel,  but not know:
can there be
more rending woe?

and  so they gush,
and so they flow –

and  so they flush
and so they flow

and so they rush
and so they flow

here in a fit
there in a start
draining  oasis
of  a fulsome heart

they flow :
and they flow
and they flow
and they flow:
from far away
to long ago

born tomorrow,
live today –
seeking alpenglow:
of yesterday

[© R.Kanth 2016]

RAJANI KANTH, author of  Coda, has held affiliations with some of the most prestigious universities in the world. He has also served as an advisor to the United Nations. He is the author/editor of several academic works in political economy and culture-critique, is a novelist and poet, and has also scribed several screenplays. He is, presently a visiting fellow at Harvard University, and permanent trustee of the World Peace Congress.

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