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The 3D World


Yes, it is a 3D world.
The extant forces are:

The Third force, above, is critical to humanity.
Most welcome the emergent , Multi-polar, world.
It is , admittedly, an improvement on the era of unilateral hegemony.
But it is no idyll.
A multi-polar world will still, over time, cumulate power at the poles.
And then , there is trouble.
Besides, the idea of a ‘balance of terror’ , a uniquely masculinist notion, which underlies multipolarity, bodes ill.
We need to be done with ‘poles’ altogether.
A heavily armed, self-conscious , ‘super-power’ is like a barracuda, ready to go into heat ,at the slightest provocation.
So, a non-polar, depolarised, world is an important desideratum.

Unfortunately, the EM world will not give us that.
EuroModernism was built by the (mis)governing elites, stadially, upon the nation-state dyad (inaugurated, for us all, by the Treaty of Westphalia) .
And that dyad is precisely the ever-standing impetus for conflict.
Unlike the Frostian trope, ‘good fences do NOT make good neighbors‘, but, instead, ensure intermittent boundary disputation(s), especially in context of an economic machine that is ever thirsting for global resources.
A certain philosophical depth is needed to grasp the above.
I do not expect it, thereby, to be widely understood.
I do believe that women , qua women , and native peoples, still untouched by the virus of EM, will get the point, easily: as these constituencies were never quite fully absorbed into the EM consensus.
Some precepts – verifiable empirically – have to be taken as self-evident, despite the strong counter-weight of tendentious ideologies/interests that support meretricious ideas nurturing their own parochial objectives.
EM seeks homogeneity , and so erases all difference, gender, culture, ethnicity, etc, so it can manage and control us all that much more easily, for commerce, and societal engineering, etc..
But culture is difference.
And humans are, first and foremost, affective, cultural, entities, that seek a finetuned differentiation to preserve a primal, local, identity.
The (specious) universalism of EM – that so deceives the ‘progressive’ imagination – is a sham and a fraud, to achieve but the goals of dominance, manipulation, and empire.
We never were, and never will be, thank goodness!, ‘One World’.
Perish that dispiriting thought!
Instead, we should celebrate – what remains of – our natural/social diversity.
The rousing phrase ‘Vive la difference!’, has never had more relevance , and immediacy.
The WEF Plan to globalise the world into the dire hellscape of an imposed, crass , uniformity needs be questioned now with all due, even imperative, haste.
Dystopia, regrettably, is the ineluctable Endgame of the entire entropic EM saga of myopic , misanthropic, misadventurism.
We are all, sadly, worse off for it.

[© R.Kanth 2023]

Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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