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The Bubble Has Burst

bubble-flowerThis poem by Sarah Strange first appeared at Poet in the Woods


The recession hits us long and hard
Jobs lost, our spending power is halved
Utilities that we need and use
Skyrocket – we’ve all got the blues!
Some social services close their doors
And luck runs out for local stores
We grow our veggies, make and mend
And where possible – don’t spend.
The hunt for jobs is fierce and long
And to succeed you must be strong
The level of skills is very high
Just the cream of the crop gets by.
So, many strike out on their own,
With business cards and mobile ‘phone
After wading through a paper trail
Of tax forms, VAT,  junk mail.

It isn’t like it used to be
You can’t retire at fifty-three
And enjoy two holidays a year;
The good times simply are not there.

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