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The Butterfly


(For Indrina)

The Last Butterfly

flew out from the west

a last flutterfly

withdrew from its nest

where now to fly

what course is best

how now to live

whither to rest


All Nature


skies rumbled

and thundered

some Tie had


was this a Test

The silence did wail

the heavens did pale

Evolution paused

had Selection failed?

this was no Jest

Follow her forth

but clear first her Way

let her free passage

to set ease her day

for she is departing

a vanishing guest

She weaves to the right

no mate in sight

she looks to the earth

she looks to the sky

so beauteous a day

she lets fall a sigh

she hangs on a breeze

then drops to the seas

her silent appealings

could she have feelings

there’s none to address


She flies no longer

not far from shore

Her ilk now banished

she flits no more

gone is the glory

Of light-winged joy

what comes after

species ahoy
In world of abundance

in world of allure

we come lately

made Nature be poor

no wonder she is

not a little vexed

Nature repairs

but what she can bear

so let’s get ready

can we be next

yes have no doubt

I but read from The Text

we shall be next

[©R.Kanth 2023]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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