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The Contributions of England?


Every culture adds, as it has to, to the cumulative legacy of human achievement,
Here is what I consider to be England’s unique contributions.
I have not been arbitrary, in my selection, but I do have a perspective that may not be acceptable to others.
The King James Bible, for its memorable lyrical majesty (although I am not a subscriber to its content)
Shakespeare: it’s quite unthinkable that he was a single individual, and also rather improbable.
But whether one or many, his is pure, unexcelled, dramatic genius.
Next , would have to be the Beatles: another unparalleled, unprecedented ,unrepeatable, musical achievement.
Finally, and not least, the English working class: the noblest , and most creative, of its kind anywhere , with a history of heroism that is an example to All.
Not merely that, but it is not always noted that the Modernist ideas of ‘democracy’ (regardless of their merit) owe everything to their struggles against despotism , for centuries.
That’s it.
I leave out the Magna Carta, Newton,and Darwin, et. al., since those achievements were not unique to England: and had many historical parallels/precedents, esp. amongst Non-European societies, if all but unknown to Eurocentric knowledge.
I also omit the industrial/commercial revolution because, on balance, it did more harm than good to the populace of this world.
Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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