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The Deeper Crisis

We are at a fateful climacteric.
Old formulas won’t do.
1984 was turned into an instruction manual.
We have gone well beyond that pale.
The Crisis is not sectoral (economic, political): it is Planetary.
Nor is it a crisis of capitalism, per se.
The entire EuroModernist(EM)* world, is teetering.
A new world is emergent.
So, it is the best of times. And the worst of times.
Covid. Climate Change, War, Societal dystrophy, and Nuclear disaster, loom.
The Doomsday clock is set at 100 seconds to midnight.
Only thing that might top all that is an invasion of aliens from outer space.


But therein, perhaps, opportunity?
A wormhole has opened up.
We could look beyond our current parameters.
And discard the entire EM roster of ideas, which are a libel upon the human race.
It can all be Undone
We can reclaim our anthropic legacy, rejecting its limpid misanthropy.
Not in one swoop, but in baby steps shedding false slogans, false idylls, false hopes, and false utopias.
If we don’t, then the emergent world will be even worse, if climate change doesn’t stop us first.

We live in a system that is permanently in crisis.
EuroModernism(EM) is the genre of Modernism that Europe invented in the 17th & 18th centuries, prior to imposing it on the globe.
In so doing, it perforce pre-empted any and all other manner of other Modernisms that might have evolved.
Regrettably, barring some native peoples, we universally drink that Kool-Aid now.


Why is EM crisis personified?
Because, as a first in human history, it deracinated the very basis of anthropic society-–i.e., societal morality, which undergirded the Social Compact and was the glue that held it all- – substituting a specious Social Contract in its stead, held up by vacuous formal legalisms backed by brute force.
It turned a band of convivials into a company of strangers.
It turned mammals into reptiles.
It substituted a Social Economy of Affections with a Political Economy of Interests.

And gave us the Vampire formula for dissolution of All societal ties: Asocial Individualism.
I.e., a world wherein, as JP Sartre had it: Hell is other people.
In which only Darth Vaders could thrive.


Statue of Liberty?
Statue(s) of responsibility, accountability, hospitality , caring, consideration?
In short, conviviality?
Or, that four letter word that antidotes EM economics: love?
Mais, non!


So, the real crisis that generates All crises is that we live within EM, in stark alienation, cut off from the healing matrix of our species-being.
So, full employment, zero inflation, banning fossil fuels, ending war, gender/racial equality, seventeen types of restrooms, even socialism, will not even remotely remedy that Primal Default.


We are anthropic beings.
Ever wondered what that means?
Our highest need, metaphorically and otherwise, is to huddle.
So, in rank ignorance of our real anthropology , the EM governors, and their power elites, manufactured, in high pomposity, the hypertrophic machinery of fiats ,ordnances, and protocols: consecrated by the tendentious delusions of equality, democracy and liberty (promises revocable/reversible at will) that keep us chained to the treadmills, in face of an ever expanding spate of impositions, panting ‘yes, we can’.
No, we can’t.


Modernist existence is run through with isolation, loneliness, misery, anxiety, anomie, and angst.
A bigger GDP does nothing to mitigate that. Equality will not blunt its pain. Democracy will not assuage it. Liberty will not pacify it.

Instead, we are all slowly driven to the brink of losing even minimal sanities: as is evidenced in the daily horror of EM’s Vanguard nation, with 1.6 mass shootings per day, and rising.

That is the future for all of us, everywhere, be warned.
Deprived the innate healing bonds of a human society (e.g., Australian Aboriginals, Bushmen, amongst other such simple tribal forms), we morph into sociopaths and psychopaths, on the road to irredeemable, irreversible, madness.
I mean that: it’s not rhetoric.
We’re half way there, already.


Now to get to the crux of it.
The Crisis is one of E-Modernism, the dismal Dystopia we’ve all embraced.
All it takes is to know real human anthropology to derive all that I have said.
You can’t do biology or chemistry without physics: neither can you spout social theory Without a true anthropology.
Which is exactly what the canonical EM ideologues did in the so-called Age of Reason: they concocted theories of human nature out of thin air.

Consider this.

The human familyat once natural and social – gainsays all EM ideas: it is neither individualist, free, equal, nor democratic.

Imagine that!

But it gives to each of us a sanctuary called home, vital to our well-being.

Ignoring, nay shunning, that source, EM went trying to engineer a wholly artificial ersatz utopia, based on this or other ism, that can never substitute.

We are animals, natural beings before we are anything else.
And like the birds and the bees, we are instinctual beings.

We are live, creative, cultural entities, not materialist zombies.
We feel, and empathize, long before we deploy instrumental reason and calculation.

For the really scarce resource within the EM world is not time, nor money, but love.

There is a virtual famine of it.

Once we recognize all that, you are immune to any/all EM seductions.

You can also then begin to realise yourself, instead of being at war within.
You move from knowledge to wisdom.
You have no need to become, it is enough to be.
And take sustenance in the eternal standbys of family, kindred, and community: the Gemeinschaft entities that were ruthlessly overrun by Gessellschaft formations
Connected to that mother matrix we thrive, severed from that we rot.
That is our human condition.


We are , in the first instance cooperative and convivial: not the canny, crafty, calculating, conniving, maximizing lone ranger automatons, the fond caricatures of micro economics fantasy.
There is built in spontaneous order in human society, as revealed in early simple tribal societies: and we learn about our primal human nature directly from them.

Marx got his vision of communism from precisely such forms; he called them primitive communism.

The dissolution of those forms has a tragic and discernible history I won’t go into today.

Ask yourself why the shibboleths of micro economics , not to mention EM ideologies en generale, do not apply to them?
You will find a world of revealment in the answer to that.
As to what we were robbed of in the implacable march of Modernist Progress.

*EM embodies a very selective faith in a self-defined, triumphalist , reductionist, Science; a tendentious, self- serving belief in ‘Progress’ ; a rampant philosophy of Materialism; and an abiding conviction that no cost was too high, societal, military, or ecological, to impose this world-view, by force, on Others.


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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