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The Essential (Human) Condition


Our Essential Nature

We are humans.
That is real.
We are animals.
That is real.
We are mammals.
That is real.
We are apes.
That is real.
All life on the planet is instinctual.

Males take after Chimps: domineering, violent
Females, after Bonobos: nurturing, peaceable

I speak to instinctual drives not behaviors, which will vary: allowing also for individuals who stray from the norm, at either pole.
This is not to say, also, that cultures do not mediate such drives, but culture wears off all too swiftly under pressure of circumstances.
Ask yourself why instincts were excised, a priori, from study of human behavior in the first place: and you get the answer: because EuroModernism , given its religious underpinnings, saw ‘humans’ as made in the image of ‘god’ , whence
not assimilable to ‘animals’.

This, despite Darwin’s ‘Great Correction’, albeit rather late in the day.
Our Epistemic ‘Choices’:

When we say muslim , jew, or christian, or conservative, or communist.
That is all within our heads.

It is a belief system.

It is whatever we choose to think it is.

Of course, our epistemic ‘suppositions’ affect real behaviors.

But they never wholly override our instinctual drives.
Human history would not be what it is, otherwise.
Apply the above set of notions to the on-going Palestine Tragedy.

Essentially: it is Male Savagery , on both sides, howsoever disproportionate.

It is the customary, if hoary, struggle between the strong and the weak.

It has gone on forever,
It will go on forever.
If not here, there.
If not there, here.

The specific cause/impetus is immaterial, ever varying with time and place.

There can never be peace within a post-tribal (whence adversarial) human society.
Male animals spirits erupt every so.
The best we can hope for is an uneasy armistice.

Again, look to history for confirmation.
The violence is always there,if shifting , every now and then, from being intraverted (turned on one’s own community) to extraverted (inflicted on Others).
From the schoolyard bully , to the street thug, to a murderous army: the logos is the same.
Because the Affective Force which is the only restraint on Male Violence has been neutralised in all Post-Tribal formations, of which Modernism is the current avatar.
The genius of simple tribal formations lay in their (women-led) dynamic of corralling the intraverted violence of males – by enchaining it within affective ties – to create a cordon sanitaire for children to be raised safely: however, this could not abate extraverted violence directed to the Other.
But this restraint was oft temporary: run through, , eventually, by male ‘animal spirits’ – which is why so many simple tribal formations devolve into empires.
Such is the unenviable ‘ human’ lot.

There is NO other ‘theory’ of humans that fits observable facts better.

Verify it for yourself.

In fact, examine these drives within yourself: but truthfully.



Demystification: it is high time?
Despite the fact that cooking up a good, handy, soporific myth (or two) to shroud it all has its temptations?
You needn’t bother: it has already been done for you, by religious and political bigots, for aeons.
It’s up to you, though, to opt in, or opt out.
It can make all the difference between being self-aware and being uninformed.
But, if you would be delusional, I can hardly demur.
As I see/say it , one can lead a horse to the water: but one cannot make it water-ski.


[©R.Kanth 2023]


Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by the authors are their own, not those of LitVote.com


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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