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The Force

(For those who know we are , thankfully !, Affective Beings first: before we don the guise of calculating automatons that Euro-Modernism schools us to be)

The mind runs
plim with disquiet
the heart is rent
with weal

the mind wanton
garners reasons
the heart only
wants to feel

the mind adjures
laws and treasons
the heart only craves

the mind burns
in its own lesions
the heart but yearns
to heal

the mind ebbs and flows
with seasons
the heart holds
an even keel

the mind bumbles
into open war
the heart demurs
in mute appeal

Though to both
we be beholden
and before both
though we may kneel
it’s the love
of the lambent
that stays
the Juggernaut ‘s

[© R.Kanth 2023]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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