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The Fourth Wish

By Rajani Kanth

And the great Gods of
Olympus gave
three wishes –
to the  favored
of creation:

O was there
Nation upon
nation exulted
dancing in the
blessed rain –

took  centuries
to choose :
Oh, they had
such  a goodly fest:
soon, all would be
put to test

Then they rose:
gave salutation
to  newer gods:
and in lusty cheer
did  give
deafening vent:

they sang
they danced
they chanted
raved, railed
and ranted:

Choose well
said the gods
and,  they swore
to choose well:
dragged us  all
to the Gates of Hell

World War One
they sang
World war Two
they danced
World War…

and the world held
its  gasping breath
O everywhere ,
the stench
of death

played on, unaware:
but we , stricken,
did  wildly stare
and  still wait
and bate our
choked breath

O let it be sudden,
we prayed –
was there no one
sore dismayed?:
was it but wrought
to be unmade?

So we wept,  craved
a  fourth commend:
O let it be swift
this collective end,
in sleep , before we
comprehend –

perhaps, the gods
will condescend?


[© R.Kanth 2017] Author of  Coda, Rajani Kanth has held affiliations with some of the most prestigious universities in the world. He has also served as an advisor to the United Nations. He is the author/editor of several academic works in political economy and culture-critique, is a novelist and poet, and has also scribed several screenplays. He is, presently a visiting fellow at Harvard University, and permanent trustee of the World Peace Congress.

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