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The Human Prospect?


The ‘enlightened’ West* reneged on that idyll centuries ago.
They were busy engineering us all to suit their new-fangled yen for illimitable wealth and irresistible dominance.
Under the EuroModernist (EM) manifesto, they even redefined us as anthropic beings, within a canny, Hobbesian-Smithian, cleft .
Assuming , in one part, a warrior: and, as was suggested by many, ‘a Scotsman within us all’ (I do not subscribe to any community bias, as implied in that phrase) in the other.
Abjuring the plain fact that we are Affective Beings first, before all else.
And thus schooling us all, in a phony economics and politics, stripped of our species-being, tailor-made for the aims of the Conquistadors.
A real(ist) anthropology of humans was never allowed to develop, even though they encountered rich(er) cultures and high(er) civilizations, in their torrid sweep.
And they built their EM ideological castles in the air upon that error, to the point where to be tribalist is a term of opprobrium in their lexicon.
But that is exactly who we are, at our best.
Their fantasy of world of spurious universalism(s) had a solid, if sordid, basis: a flat, homogeneous, world is easier to conquer and assimilate into empire.
As they did.
So, at least for the Collective West, the human exists only in the past tense.
Trans-human is what they are after.
And , every day, we are moved closer to a cyborg dystopia.
Their avant garde today is the WEF, the shadow ruling elite of the Transatlantic Globalists, with mighty plans for a Great Reset , no less, of the human race.
The best laid plans…
Will they succeed?
Because western hegemony is now passe.
So, only in the transatlantic world will they pull this off.
The East , outside of Japan and S.Korea, is beyond their grasp.
China and Russia are mighty nations that will go their own way.
And The BRICS, as a whole, will now assert their growing import, in simply deviating from the Master Plan.
It is the Other that now , finally!, has a speaking, and acting, role in the human drama.
There is breathing room once again.
But will our Hegemons tolerate this?
That is the question of our times.
The only way they can stop it is by destroying us all, in a nuclear holocaust.
This is not at all beyond their scope.
Anglo-Norman hubris has a long, infamous, history.
Will they go that far?
Consider this.
The Western power elites ,not so very long ago, could , in cold blood, murder over a million in Iraq, before us all, under false pretenses.
Several more million in the Far East, in the Post-WW II era, wantonly slaughtering the hapless peasantry of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, et. al, , who had done them no harm.
And hundreds of millions across the world – Americas, Africa, and Asia – in their genocidal fever of the preceding two centuries.
Do such have a conscience?
Do they?
I’ll let you ponder that.
So the ‘human prospect’ lies now within the patience, forbearance, and maturity, of the Emergent World in fielding/fending the wanton provocations and predations of the west.
It is the(ir) ultimate test.
They are, and have to be, the adults on this planet.
One can only wish them well.
As I have previously written, the Last Global Struggle is, in metaphor, between the Mammals and the Reptiles.
And it is anyone’s guess which side will prevail.
The Human Prospect?
Let me evaluate it thus.
In a prior post ((https://litvote.com/the-open-secret/), I had suggested that anthropic males appear to act like male Chimps, and anthropic females, like Bonobos .
In sum, men – instinctually speaking -are prone to be destructive, women conservationist.
But, in so referencing instincts as critical, I overlooked one other instinct.
The instinct of self-preservation.
If it exists, then we might stop short of universal annihilation, if owing to no virtue that we can truly own.
Time, as the saying goes, will tell.
It must NOT be supposed I am saying Biology is Destiny.
I am saying we need to be aware of biological drives, so as to overcome them.

Because, if we don’t….
You know the rest.
* As ever, I refer only to the governing elites of the West: not the toilers who fare alike , the world over.

© R.Kanth 2023


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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