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The Key?


I think I have the Key to all our latter-day maladies.

They stem from but ONE source only.

The false nostrums of EM (European Modernism).

Dressed in the dissembling guise of ‘Progress’, it has
turned our lives into a living hell.

Do I exaggerate?

Think of Sartre’s famous ‘Hell is other people’ trope.

What kind of a mindset produces that form of dire misanthropy?

EM does, via Asocial Individualism, amongst related issues.


So, wake up.

And quit dreaming of, and chasing after, chimera.

We are mammals.

Our needs are simple.

We do NOT need probes to Mars, or Transcontinental economies and polities.

That simply serves the 1%.

EM has always been their Project.

So, Reclaim your Life.

It is short enough as is, but made even shorter by EM despoliations of Nature (Listen to Guy McPherson, for this:https://guymcpherson.com/science-snippets-you-cant-stop-whats-coming/ ).

Never mind shortness: what is the quality of the EM life?

We exist, insured by Smith and Wesson.

A Vampire state breathes down our necks, tightening the noose, each year.

The Lead Hegemon of EM has had only 12 years of armistice – not peace – in its entire history,

What does that tell you?

That this is the best of all possible worlds?


Ask yourself whom/what you really care about, what makes life bearable.

The Answer(s) may not fit the EM Narrative?

I will say no more.

But , here are but a few posts that (might) clarify matters

Asocial Individualism: The Curse of EM


The Modernist Condition

Explaining The Real World, Realistically








And, why not?, Re-joice!

[©R.Kanth 2023]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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