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The Last Critique


(In various Works) I have defined The Age we live in.
Late Modernism.
Late EuroModernism.
I have also delineated its varied pathologies.
To list, here, but a few major ones.
Endless growth/expansion, Asocial Individualism, rampant
Materialism, Societal engineering, Adversarial Society,
pursuit of chimera (equality), pursuit of abstract idylls,
endless restlessness, pursuit of doing/becoming, disparagement of family,
kinship and community.
Replacing morality with legality, cooperation with competition, caring with laissez-faire, trust with distrust, local communities with the nation-state, regulation by shared communal sanctions with armed policing, self-regulation with an alien, all powerful State, the communal/public domain with corporate privatisation, consensus with majority rule, organic gemeinschaft society with formal, mechanical gesselschaft entities, a social economy of affections by the political economy of interests, satisficing behaviors with untrammeled greed,et. al..
No, the above cannot all be subsumed under the hoary rubric of “capitalism’.
Since Eurosocialism also mirrors so many of those traits.
We need the concept of EuroModernism because it brings in the cultural/social/anthropological dimension.
It also specifies the locus of the devolution, which is important.
It can , given the above, no longer be a mystery why we are at the pass we are at, ready to lose all to a retrograde Paradigm, dating back 3 centuries.
It should also be no longer be a mystery how we might escape/elide the impending doom
I will cite here 3 Pieces that sum it all up, published in this very organ.
There is no schemata of causes or salves that can ‘rise above’ or ‘go beyond’
what is contained in them.
The Analysis is neither Left nor Right, Capitalist or Socialist, liberal or Conservative, or any of the eternal internal divides of EuroModernist Discourse.
It is transcendent and Non-Eurocentric, and presents reality as is.
It is verifiable both historically/structurally and via direct, personal experience/intuition.
I have waited 30 Years to present it all together, with a view of finding an opportune moment.
I believe this is the right time.

The Matrix*

The Human Condition and Spontaneous Order

On Euro-Supremacy?

* The Source Lecture for all of the above is my Festschrift Talk at the American Economic Association Meetings in Chicago, January 04, 2007, reprinted in
R.Kanth (ed), The Challenge of Eurocentrism: Global Perspectives, Policy, and Prospects, Springer, 2009
[© R.Kanth 2022]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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