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The Mirage


So , do we, in this 13th hr of human history, still believe in the hoary litany of liberte, egalite, fraternite?
Are we still drinking the EM (European Modernism) Kool Aid that has had us besotted for centuries?
Is there no learning curve to our credulity?
It is said that hope springs eternal in the human breast?.
But so does ignorance and stupidity.
Especially the latter.
As the Masters of the Universe rush to wipe all planetary life off the planet in a WW3, as their last act of desperation, what are we, the people, thinking?
Vote for the good guys, come next election (before, or after WW3)?
You might as well lie in wait for Godot.
That tomorrow never comes.
It is all a monstrous hoax.
We’re still a gaggle of turkeys voting for Xmas.
As I have often said, humans are, above all traits, myth making animals.
Religious, political, whatever.
The Great Myths of EM we all learn in grade school.
And, apparently, most of us never forget them!
Time we did?
Time we woke up.
Here is Reality.
Bad guys , of various shades, rule everywhere.
As they always have.
The transition from medieval to modernist polities only altered their uniforms , slogans, and ID cards – not their intent.
The ruling elite is the ruling elite is the ruling elite.
And, also, remains the ruling elite.
Good guys do not seek power, for starters.
And rarely make it to the top of that grim structure.
They are usually suborned/subverted very quickly by the other kind we know so well.
Beware the(wo)man who would be king (or president).
I have referred to who we are, and what we might do , as the hoi polloi, outside that domain to protect ourselves.
The context is horizontal, kindred, relations, bound by affective ties.
I will again give the cites here: though this is only the tip of the iceberg of alternate societal thinking challenging EuroModernism.

A Transvaluation of Values?

Here’s what lies ahead, IF WW3 is, somehow , staved off.
The West will turn , in various shades, neo-Fascist (or, more simply, authoritarian).
The East will follow the China Model (a market economy governed by benevolent despotism).
Others will take their chances.
Most likely, the Chinese Way?
Just don’t expect CNN or the BBC to explain all of the above to you.
Their job is to perpetrate and propagate the Myths.
If it came to announcing WW3,it might go something like this.
World ends tonight at 9: details at 11.
And now for a word from our sponsors.
? !

© R.Kanth 2023


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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