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The Mythical World


We are, amongst other things, Myth-Making Animals.

EM (European Modernism) adds even more powerful, if still delusionary, myths.

You know.

Free Market.
Rules-based International Order.

Serious myths.
Myths to kill and die for

Not just political myths.
Religious, social, cultural.
And they keep us all in stark tensions.

Verifiable facts rarely enter into it.
Be it religious, or political..
Mind, oft Big Myths are built on tiny kernels of quasi-facts.
Gives them that touch of verisimilitude.

The Struggle over Facts is but a mild, humdrum, tepid, affair.
The Clash of Myths , however, takes on aspects of a heart-pounding Steven Spielberg drama

So many conflicts of our time stem from faulty epistemics and/or misread ontologies.

We appear prone to embracing belief systems?
The more complex , and stratified, the system , the bigger its myths.

EM, e.g, is (over)laden with them.
You learn them in grade school.

Democracy, equality, et. al.

The earlier they get you, the stronger they persist.

Which is why religions also ‘catch them young’.
Before they can think.

The issue is not whether such idylls (esp political) are desirable, or not.

The issue is whether they are achievable or not.
This latter consideration rarely enters the picture.

We get swept away by the draw of the former temptation,

It’s a bit like romantic love.
It is both real and illusory.
The ego-displacement it provokes – which sustains it – rarely lasts long?
But it thrills in the extant phase.

To an extent, all the above are Affectations.

They are Wilful Embraces of the Improbable.

But there is a real world.

Wherein affections are real, and instinctual.

The bonds between children and parents, between siblings, et. al.

Communal bondings are also innate, like tribal loyalties (what is termed, e.g., racism is really tribalism, at heart).

These are natural, not societally, concocted.

Of course, they too can crumble, if we so choose.

Not much can survive, outside of our Wills.
But they can also last forever, if we let them.

The point of this is to suggest we need to be a bit more vigilant about our own pet myths.
Makes for mutual, co-respecting, safety?
For they can, at the limit, endanger, our personal, and collective, existence.
The above is not a hypothetical, btw.

Of course, one can indulge in a life of pure fantasy, in the merry concoction of notional states of being, if that’s one’s yen.

Why not?

Could be far more reassuring than the grim reality of life on the planet?
Which should tell you, right away, WHY we dwell in fanciful delusions of all kinds?
It calms the terror of life unfathomable on a lonely planet in an unscalable sea of endless space.

Two little caveats.

There are some myths that we can’t help but believe, such as a flat earth: until science steps in.

But others, such as tales of angels, demons , or unicorns, are plain, puerile, horsefeathers.


As I look back on a life ill-spent, perhaps my only real interest/aptitude has lain in the area of debunking myths.

Btw that is not a trait that wins you allies in an EM World.

It upsets The Mandarins who are the sworn, Sacral Guardians of our Collective Myths.

The only Antidote to Myths is Science.

It may well be the only societal endeavor that supports some faith in the ‘correctable’ nature of our species

I do not mean EM ‘social science’ , which is only a glib masquerade for motivated social policy.
Its so called social theory is bunk.
If all of it were all to be erased, the system would lose only a powerful arm of governance (system maintenance).

Western Philosophy is even worse,, carrying pet personal peeves to epistemic extremes (like Nietzsche , Schopenhauer , and even Sartre).

If ALL of it were to disappear, our useful store of real knowledge would remain intact.

So, I mean science of the kind that gives us laws of motion , or maps the human genome.

But even Physics has its imaginings, like its Origin Myths (The ‘Big Bang’, etc), so one has to be careful.

Even a Stephen Hawking can get carried away.

He once said that Physics had all but resolved the above matter : and I wrote to him (around 2000 ) saying that others had said such things before, only to fall flat on their faces, in due time.

Nature flips the script when confronted by giant human egos?

He did reply , thanking me, but it didn’t quite ring true.

At any rate, there are only 2 Foundational Sciences: Physics and Anthropology.
All other Sciences rest on them.
So we do need to get them right.

One Last Comment.

The most ‘real’ of all phenomena in the universe is our own flesh and blood existence.
So , the need for an Accurate Anthropology outruns all other scientific undertakings.
EM anthropology is both conjectural, tendentious, and utterly inadequate.

I have provided only an outline beginning of such theorizing , that debunks EM conjectures: so much much much work remains to be done.

Here it is: https://litvote.com/on-human-emancipation/
[©R.Kanth 2024]



Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).


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