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I have said before that humans are, par excellence,
myth-making animals.

Think about how many you participate in, even if you didn’t help draft them.

Economic myths.
Political myths.
And Religious myths.


Let’s list a few, just to assure ourselves.

Rational Behavior, Utility Maximisation (Econ)
Liberte, Egalite, and Democrace(!) (Poli.)
Heaven and Hell (Religion)

And how we cling to them despite the silent critique of the harsh counter-facts of reality!
It is simply amazing.

Given that rank depth of gullibility , is it any wonder that
the ever-savvy governors can con us all so very glibly and effortlessly, time after time.

They just have to wave the wand, and we are smitten.
Either by E-con artists, charismatic politicos, or popes and prelates.
Even taken singly, any one of them is hazardous to our health.
But when they work in synch, heaven help us!

And they do, and have done, ever since EuroModernism (EM) became the ruling geist of a globalised world.

The ‘dumbing down’ of the populace is continuous and incessant.

Goebbels simply patented the older, time-tested, formula.

Make the myth really big, repeat it ad nauseam, and we’re all hooked.

No need for bread and circuses.
That was the old off-the-wall recipe.

Now it is erudite, ivy league quality, mass-deception.

Ah, those unsubtle weapons of mass deception!!

Policy makers warrant it: and the Media and The Academy deliver it , most efficiently.
What can the hoi polloi do, but wallow in it?
And the fruits of these labors?

One can live in a stark oligarchy, and believe it to be a democracy.
Or, one can accept the notion that is is the best of all possible worlds, despite
daily mass shootings, breathtaking financial corruptions, and a failing society.

Is there a solution to the mass deception?
Can we live in a society free of Iniquity?

Within EM (European Modernist) societies, the history is not reassuring.

Socialism was tried and , despite many useful palliatives, did not
obviate the menace of power.

My own answer is categorical.
The Male drive for domination negates, sooner or later, all amelioration.

So , in effect, one elite gets replaced by another.
And matters become arbitrary, again.

Whence I suggest we need to abandon EM socio-political modalities altogether and reconstitute the social on the basis of small gemeinschaft communities based on face to face, affective, relations, free of centralised power and nation states.

Integrity, accountability, caring, and mutualism are inversely correlated with the size and scale of the social unit (it is one of several ‘Kanth’ Laws ).

Which was the original blueprint of the human race: i.e., simple tribal societies.

Bears thinking?


[© R.Kanth 2022]



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