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The Wertfrei?


First, they derogated (the very idea) of civilisation.
Next, they debunked culture.
Then,they debauched society.
Next, they deracinated science.
They, they deprecated civility.
Then, they destroyed habitats.
Next. they debased morality.
Then. they disparaged ethics.
Next, they discouraged truth.
Then, they disdained values.

They told us we are Post Human.
They told us we are Post Truth
They told us we are Post Modern.

They also guaranteed us the 3 Inalienable Freedoms of the Neo-Con/Neo-Lib world.
To function: fact-free, value-free, and conscience-free.
Yes, and, finally, they told us, with high aplomb:
Anything Goes!.
They were so right!
Not Anything, but rather, Everything Goes:
IF/when one accepts this degenerate , dystopian , Credo(s) of Late Modernism, as listed above.
And so, as we watch now, helpless.

Ecology goes. Humanity goes. Social Empathy goes . Any and all norms of mutual civility, and peaceable co-existence go.
And, at the last remove, lo and behold, The Planet Goes!.
The Nobel Committee – canny as they always are – should consider a Nobel Memorial Prize for Misanthropy, which they should award themselves first (for giving a Peace Prize to Kissinger: just to balance it out , they should have given a War Prize to Gandhi) , before bestowing it on the likes identified above?
It would be a fair start?

As a grand finale, our Masters should press those buttons that they have been itching to press ever since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so we can watch them play god (or is it that other guy?), one last time.
I have titled their regime one of HYPOCRACY: or, rule by abject , craven, hypocrisy.
No elites in world history have more blood on their hands.
How do they sleep?


© R.Kanth 2023


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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