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(for Sam Dunn)
They know who
they are
they who
break the bar
they who
lust for war

they who never
they who
light the fire
they who
stoke the ire

they who’ve
been around
neither lost
nor found
seeking yet
more ground
they who never
ready ever
to test
that they’re
the very best

the rulers of
this earth
crafters of
its dearth
almost since
their birth

their peoples
cant be blamed
their peoples
cant be shamed
their peoples cant
be named

some inner curse
rush from
bad to worse
deep hubris that
they nurse

souls in
dire ferment
spirits in
dark descent
in rage

in fury
born and bred
in gluttony
wildly fed
in greedful
passion led
a wonder
to behold
they who
never grow old
they whose
blood runs cold

masters of
land and sea
but not their
with no inner

though blest
with brain and brawn
from alien fount
be drawn
where wisdom
will not dawn
whence we’re
wily nilly led
to this baneful
where soon we’ll
all be _____

the skies may
rage and fume
yet we can safe
they will deliver
us to doom

Yes we can
safe assume
frightful dangers
they will this
globe entomb
and ferry us
all to doom
this tale
of blood, of gore
writ by the
hollow at the core

albeit human
in every pore
have wrought
it twice before

and yearn for
yet one more
one full blooded
just to up
the score
what force has
so possessed them
what force can now
arrest them
what force is there
to test them
who there be
to best them?

it needs spring
from within
some voice
above the din
so the healing
can begin

and then
perhaps one day
like Asoka*
turn away
from the fray

in raw remorse
and rue
pride melting
like dew
in wan contrition

covenants renew

* lore/legend has it that, in 260 BCE, Emperor Asoka conquered the kingdom of Kalinga in a terrible war: and was so moved that he renounced war and , eventually, embraced Buddhism

[© R.Kanth 2022]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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