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Toward The Transhuman?


N.B. This is a short, but succinct, explication of my Argument that EuroModernism (EM) , under the delusion of building Utopia(s), has succeeded only in subverting even the promise of a human civilisation: all in the name of ‘progress’. Materialism, the opiate of the EM intelligentsia, quite extinguishes the anthropic spirit.


Wholesale pessimism about the Human Prospect is now ineluctable.

Gaza clinched it.

The self-designated civilization-mongers have all showed their true , hideous , colors.

And all Nations within the Other that went along with the Gaza horror, silently , make that sentiment complete.

The impoverished , and the impuissant, have no friends – if we exempt S Africa – anywhere.

So , history has not altered one bit.

We humans still bunk in the jungle?

And we are still barely refined chimps.

So much for ‘evolution’.


The race is still to the swift/strong, with devil take the hindmost , the only rule.

WW2, the Nazi holocaust, have taught us nothing.

The world let that grisly horror persist , until the very 13th hr.

Worse, the legatees of that holocaust are striving to excel the Nazi record in the current one they are perpetrating before us all.

So, ‘humans’ remain the animals they are, beneath that smug self-designation.

It is , actually, even worse than that.

Until now it was Good vs Evil, and easy to recognize.

But now we have descended yet another level.

We are Amoral, unable to distinguish between the two.

I have argued that the US is the very First such society, all unawares, to cross that grim Rubicon.

It is when Anthropic Society is subverted by rampant , self-seeking, Asocial Individualism , which sees Society as but a means, and a mere organon, for personal gratification: NOT as an organic, mutualist, affective community.

It is this Unique Marker , that is the Demarcation Criterion that separates Western Euro-Modernist societies from Non-Western ones: the latter have not yet ‘graduated’ to that high idyll</em>.

It marks the beginning of anomie: and leads swiftly to angst, and insanity, where narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths proliferate.

Which explains the nearly 2-a-day mass-shootings , in the US, which faze no one.

It is the new ho-hum.

It also puts us, hurtling, on the down escalator, toward a Transhuman species.


The global struggle today, in metaphor, is between Mammals and Reptiles.

I.e., Warm blooded vs Cold blooded.

The Calculating vs the Caring.

With 14000 innocent non-combatant , children, pulverised by bunker bombs, with nary a shade of compunction nor remorse , we know which side is winning.

NO scope for any doubt.

They have not even crocodile tears to shed.

Btw , The Perpetrator is not ‘Amoral’ , like its Abetting Big Brother , being still in the plebeian vein of vintage barbarism.

So, it is tragic, but true.
This is the way the (human) world ends.
Not with a scream, but a simper

[©R.Kanth 2024]

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by the authors are their own, not those of LitVote.com


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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