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‘Twittermorphosis’, A Short Story by Diane Haithman

Diane Haithman’s HSE novel Dark Lady of Hollywood, inspired by Shakespeare, has been featured twice on Nikki Finke’s hot new Hollywood fiction website Hollywood Dementia (one excerpt and one short story, Enter Ghost, adapted from the novel).

This time around, Diane once again mashes up Hollywood and classic literature with The Twittermorphosis.


A short story by Diane Haithman, picture by Thomas Warming

In her vain attempt to please her agent by getting 10,000 Twitter followers, screenwriter Gina Sampson finds herself in a parallel predicament to Kafka’s Gregor Samsa in his short novel The Metamorphosis, who wakes up to find that he has become a giant cockroach.

By a similarly alarming twist of fate, @GinaS finds herself stuck in Twitter.


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