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Wake-Up Calls…

by Rajani Kanth, author of Coda


So,  James Blonde is Prez.
So what?
Wouldn’t matter if Jane Blonde were Prez.
(She did try hard, didn’t she?)
You don’t get it?
To rework an old  sound byte:’ it’s  an Oligarchy, stupid…’.
The entrenched power elite – Corporate Chiefs, Wall Street Bankers, antic Tycoon dynasties –   are in it  forever.
No election alters their fix on the  nation’s jugular.
They are in Power: Presidents are in Office only – for  a short stint.
Only dictators (Mussolini, Hitler, et. al.)  can displace that lot, if not for long.
Yes, so it’s all  nice and cosy – as ever –  for the 1% of the 1%.
Their tentacles reach far, and deep: within the highest layers of institutions.

The rest of the 99%  are imploding, slowly but surely.
Whom you place in the White House is not of terribly great significance.
They will , more or less,   be forced to compromise: by the Powers.
Btw do you know why it’s called the White House?
Read up: not everyone knows why.
Might surprise you.

I’ve often suggested we  should secure a good computer and make it Prez, for the life of the machine.
The job, such as it is, signing off on the claims of this or that special  interest would get done.
Perhaps even more efficiently.
But most of us are tribals,  for all the sophistry.
We want a chief, a totem, a commander.
The Anglo-Norman  elites prefer a monarch (and may still revert to it): for   ‘democracy’ was thrust upon them – in the UK and the US.
A democracy of rich white  men was as far as that went.
Nor is there a vast   difference between the Prez,  and the Roman Emperor, as far as the populace goes.
That had to be ‘extended’, howsoever grudgingly , owing to various pressures.

Of course, many  thought – think –  that having a vote is having a say in matters of state.
They need to think again, using their brains this time.
It’s about time.
People  simply don’t connect the dots.
When white cops insouciantly execute innocents Afro-Ams on camera,  they still think it’s an aberration.
Just a bad apple.
Or two.
Or Three.
Ditto,  when private security unleashes slavering attack dogs on peacefully protesting Native Americans.
What an important , educational, recall of history!
But you have to know real history to recall it correctly.
When someone who couldn’t be elected grade school president  – for his ideas on race, gender, and disability –  in any decent school in the country,  becomes Prez of the nation,  they still ride along.

There is less excuse today than ever before.
The system is transparent.
And broke, in more senses than one.
Barring  the propaganda screen,  it is plain see-through.
The real economy went belly-up years ago.
Now the polity, and media, are collapsing.
The moral order is now, if at all,  an intra-familial entity only: has little  place in the public domain.
The great game of pretence – a charade always –  at values of liberty, toleranc, and charity has been abruptly called off.
No more fig-leafs.
And what’s revealed is bare and ugly.

A Vampire State is afoot.
And ‘society’ ,  shriveled to microcosms only.
Other than permanent war – and  its ‘treasons, stratagems , and spoils’ – the system is good for  very  little else It’s a return to Beowulf, by way of Caligula.
For my Euro-friends,  this may all be a  rather painful surprise: but for legions of  Post-Colonials ( of Africa, Asia , Australia, and South America) who bore the brunt of the depredations of the ‘Brutish Isles’ (and other Euro Powers)  for centuries,  it is  only back to basics.
You see: what everyone’s seeing of/about  the ‘system’ now, in shock and  dismay,  is all that the  wretched of the ex-Colonies ever saw – in their corners of empire.
Doubt it?
Check out some real histories: of Afro-Ams.  Of Native Peoples.  Of  Women.
The more things change…
[© R.Kanth 2016]

Rajani Kanth is the author of Coda 

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