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Akron police release ‘heartbreaking’ footage of Jayland Walker being shot up to 60 times:

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Murder abroad
Murder at home
The State without
The State within
Slavery then
Knavery now
Birthed in blood
Twice-born in sin
Free is the slogan
Free is the fact
Free is the reason
Free is the rhyme
Free of conscience
Free of repine

Gathered in gold-dust
are Gadarene swine
Hype and swagger
Cloak and dagger
Crusading lies
Lord of the flies
Empire unbounded
Creed ill-founded
All is confounded
All is decay

Black is the night
Darker the day
Night is distended
Day is up-ended
When comes the morrow
who left to sorrow
All will be mended
All will be ended

Come Judgment Day?

Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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