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Wine and Worms

Children are the future. 

Coincidentally, so is sustainability.

As one boy observes his family wasting energy throughout the day, he has some rather imaginative suggestions on what his mom and dad can do to help save the planet, the air, the trees — and a few empty calories.

“There was once a boy who learned in school saving energy is the right thing to do. It’s good for the planet, the air and the trees, and good for his family, too.”

SaveOnEnergy.com, an energy comparison resource, was looking for an outlet to promote their updated platform advocating renewable energy and sustainability. Sandy, who came in contact with the brand at the advice of a friend, approached them with the idea for the book.  After talking it over, the two agreed that a partnership would be mutually beneficial.  While SaveOnEnergy works to cement their footprint as a leader in sensible, earth conscious energy provisions, Sandy continues to hone his craft as a storyteller.

You can read Wine and Worms here, and you can buy it here.

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